The Language of Flowers & Posies

The origin of the language of flowers is believed to have begun in Turkey, and specifically spawned from the early Turkish Selam, which is a greeting, and also a language of objects.  Upon visiting Constantinople from England, Lady Mary Montagu was fascinated by the Selam, which consisted of gifting boxes filled with various objects to another person. The objects each carried a secret language, and there were very few objects that did not carry meaning. Even a pebble had a verse or a meaning attached to it.  The Lady Mary carried this idea back to England with her, where the objects became the more romanticized flowers and herbs.  And thus, the Language of Flowers was born and became a phenomenon in Victorian England.

A modernized version of the historical Language of Flowers

by Teresa Sabankaya

Learn more about the meaning associated with individual flowers by clicking on the letters of the alphabet below:

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Posies, Nosegays & Tussies

A Posy is a circular nosegay where fragrant herbs and flowers carry a message in the Language of Flowers- love, sympathy, good luck, birthday, thank you, and a variety of other sentiments.

With the desire to revive the passion and aura of a bygone era, Bonny Doon Garden Company has created various modern yet traditional posies and tussies. These beautiful posies are designed in keepsake containers, and include a sentiment card for the recipient to treasure.   Shop online for local delivery, or call to order.  We can ship Posies nationwide!